Pony Ride Gambill Amusements was founded in 1941 by Quinn, Ken and Lola Gambill in their hometown of Wintersville, Ohio. Their first investment was a pony ride which they took to local festivals, picnics, and fairs. As the years passed, mechanical rides were added and before they knew it, instead of an extra job, it became their business.
 Like any family business, we were all called on to help in one way or another. We were taught that if we would take care of our customers, they would take care of our business.

A carnival is like a traveling town. We have a varied group of people just like in any town. Unlike the common notion that carnival personnel are Gypsies, tramps and freaks in today's world they could more likely be your next door neighbors. A sample of the people who travel with our organization would include a retired policeman, a stock broker, a PRCA rodeo contestant along with many teachers, mechanics and college graduates.

As in any small business the carnival industry is governed by many federal, state and county rules and regulations. Like the trucking industry, we are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Act and at the present time employ as many certified drivers as most medium size trucking companies. In addition all of our employees must be tested and certified in order to be ride operators.

Not only do our employees go thru testing and certification but so do the rides they operate. In addition to being continuously inspected by trained personnel they must also go through an off season inspection program using such non destructive test methods as Ultra-Sound Testing, Magnaflux Particle Testing and various X-Ray Testing of hidden components.

In order to insure safety, inspection from outside our organization are emphasized. We are regularly inspected by our insurance carrier and the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. These are welcome inspections because they have helped us obtain high safety ratings with all concerned. We are proud of the fact that Gambill Amusement has always been rated as one of the safest carnival operations in the country.

In the past year we have sent 10 people to a First Aid and CPR training course and they now each have a 2 year certificate so we are better equipped to handle emergencies. Safety for our patrons and employees is one of our biggest concerns.

These high standards govern not only our rides but all aspects of our operation including games, food, and attractions. Our food operation is highly regarded by the state health departments and we have been invited to speak at seminars concerning portable food preparation.

The guidelines governing our games are some of the most rigorous in our business with only family type games being allowed. Merchandising is a key factor in our policy.

Carnivals are one industry that hasnít been taken over by big corporations. Most are small businesses owned and operated by families that live, travel and work together.

In the height of the season, itís common to see three family generations working the attractions. And once school ends, children join their parents on the road, keeping families together. We are proud that of the school age children on our show most are in accelerated or gifted programs. At the present Gambill Amusement is being operated by the third and fourth generations of its founders, stressing the same basic values that have entertained families for the past 55 years.

The carnival is more than a business to us, it is more a way of life. We love our life and look forward to being on the road and playing your fair or festival.

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